Installing Lightroom Brushes

1. Open Preferences in Lightroom (on top pull down menu under Lightroom or Edit)
2. Click the preset tab, then click the button ‘Show Lightroom Preset Folder‘
3. Open the folder named ‘Local Adjustment Presets‘
4. Copy or move your new Lightroom brush preset folder into the ‘Local Adjustment Presets‘ folder.
5. Restart Lightroom and your ready to use your new Lightroom local adjustment brushes.
6. Go to the develop module by clicking on ‘Develop‘ on the top right in the Lightroom window, or press ‘D‘.
7. Click on the brush icon top right in the develop module or press keyboard shortcut ‘K‘ to access your brush panel.
    Click on the two small arrows right of where it say ‘Effect‘ this will show you the list of all your Lightroom brushes.

Hot Tips! You can also stack brushes to double the effects, by clicking new brush and apply the same brush again.

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