Networking Lightroom

How to make Lightroom a net-workable application by storing it in the cloud.

Smart workaround if your planning to access the same Lightroom catalogue from multiple machines. We have set this up in our own office and it works beautifully on 3 iMac’s running Lion OSX, the only limitation is that only one computer can have the catalogue open at a time and you will need to mount the drive with your images for the additional computers.

1. Sign up for a free Dropbox account. Here is direct link to sign up to get a free 2GB Dropbox account.

2. Download and install the Dropbox application for your platform/operating system on all computers where you want to share your Lightroom catalogues. Check the box ‘Enable LAN sync’ in the preferences panel to take advantage of your home network speed syncing the Dropbox files to your other networked computers.

3. Either create a new Lightroom catalogue, in a new folder in your Dropbox, or move an excising catalogue there. We suggest using the minimal previews in the catalogue settings, for this method to save syncing time and Dropbox space.
if you don’t know where your Lightroom catalogues are click Lightroom on the top menu bar and click ‘catalogue Settings’. On top of the information panel you can see the path, click ‘Show’ and Lightroom will open the folder for you.

4. Now wait for the catalogue to sync through Dropbox to your other computers. When synced (you will know that the sync is finished, when folder has a green tick on it), open the catalogue in Lightroom on the second computer, if you get question marks on the images, meaning missing folder or files, mount the drive with your images either through finder on MAC or Explorer on PC, and your catalogue and files will be ready to use just like on your other computer in the library module.

5. And just as a reminder, to always close the Lightroom catalogue on one computer before accessing it on the other. Check in your Dropbox folder that it has the green check before opening just to be safe you got the latest updates synced as well. Lightroom does have a safety feature with .lock files so your files and catalogue will be safe even if you manage to forget. We have couple times, no harm done.

Now here is something else you can do to speed up your Dropbox synchronized Adobe Lightroom catalogues!
This feature removes the preview data from syncing resulting in a great deal less syncing time, and lots more space for your catalogues. Lightroom will rebuild the new previews much faster in the destination ends rather than syncing all the preview data through the cloud.

Dropbox Selective Sync.

1. Access Dropbox Preferences by clicking the blue Dropbox icon in your menu bar.

2. In the preferences panel go to the Advanced tab and click Change Settings for Selective Sync.

3. Click Switch to Advance View at the bottom of the dialog window.

4. When in Advanced View select your Lightroom catalogue folder and uncheck the .lrdata folder, this is where your previews are stored. By unchecking you stop the syncing of these previews and only sync the catalogue resulting in much quicker syncing! Press the update button to confirm.

5. Press update a second time; now repeat this process in your Dropbox preferences on your other computers sharing this Lightroom catalogue.

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