Lr Adjustment Brush Keyboard Shortcuts

Lightroom Adjustment Brush Keyboard Shortcuts

• Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) + “[“ or “]” increases/decreases brush size. Adding the Shift key increases/decreases feather (softness of the edge)
• 1-9 sets the Flow amount. Use 0 for 100%
• “K” enter Adjustment Brush Mode
• “A” toggles Auto Mask on/off
• Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) toggles Adjustment Brush and Eraser tool
• “/” (forward slash) toggles between brush A and B
• Shift -drag constrains Adjustment Brush to a straight line
• Tap Return to apply the brush and begin painting a new adjustment
• “O” Show/Hide Mask Overlay, Shift + O cycles Mask Overlay colors
• “H” Hide/Show Pins
• “Y” see split screen before and after brush adjustments
• “\” (backwards slash) toggles between before and after view

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